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2019 Best Convection, Countertop & OTR Microwave Reviews

People are changing their taste and technologies are being updated at the same time. As a result, we are getting some new gadgets in the market to make our daily tasks easy and fast. Microwave ovens are one of these devices that you can use for your cooking some preparations and heating foods at the same time. It takes only a few seconds to heat the food and prepare the dishes. The microwave ovens are being updated day by day and bringing new features to the market. These varieties of microwave ovens can help you to select the best one from the lot.

The numbers of the manufacturing companies of the microwave oven are increasing to meet the growing demands of the customers. But you need to select the best one according to your taste and budget to get the long-lasting result. The microwave ovens are now available with convection, and baking options along with heating settings. The modern features of these electrical cooking devices are helping the homemakers to prepare new dishes in a short time without investing a lot of labor. The easy to understand features can give you the desired result in a short time perfectly.

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Why are microwave ovens so popular in these days?

The microwave ovens can give you an extra charm in cooking and heat the preparations. You can go through these following points to understand how microwave oven helps us and why it has so popularity in the market.

Various cooking options:

The microwave ovens are available in different sizes and shapes. You can buy any from the lot according to your choice. The cooking options make the microwave ovens popular. The cooking options on the devices can help you to get the perfect result in heating or cooking foods. The preheating settings and the baking, grilling or defrost options of the devices make the ovens more popular and perfect to get the best result.

Size and capacity:

The size and capacity of the microwave ovens differ, and you can select any according to your need. The amount of food handled by the microwave ovens are disclosed with the models, and you should select the one after checking it. The versatile shape of the cabinet of these microwave ovens can give your kitchen interior a new look. The depth of the microwave oven and its internal and external size should be checked before placing an order.

Weight and power setting:

The weight of the microwave oven model and its capability should be checked. You may get the microwave ovens in a huge variety. There are various power setting options that you need to use and understand before starting to operate these devices. So, you need to understand the power setting and installation process of the microwave ovens.


The budgets of the microwave ovens depend on the model and its features. If you want to get a cost-effective microwave oven, then you need to follow some selling sites where you will get various options. Proper research work is required before investing in a microwave oven. Generally, the simple and basic models of the microwave ovens are available at a lower price rather than the smart countertop, Over the Range and convection models.

Additional features:

The additional features of the microwave ovens make the device more useful and user-friendly at the same time. The extra features like defrost can bring the temperature of the frozen vegetables at a normal temperature within a few seconds. Moreover, you can also grill and bake the foods whenever you want. The features should be easy t understand and handle at the same time.

TOP 5 Countertop Microwave ovens

The countertop Microwave ovens are designed in an attractive manner by the designers. The parts of this device are easy to install and control. These are the best because of its largest capability of heating and handling foods. The most of the models are made of high-quality stainless steel which is long-lasting and durable at the same time.

Countertop Microwave oven

TOP 5 Over The Range Microwave ovens

This is another interesting type of the microwave ovens. The most of these ovens are designed in an out vented process. These ovens are available in different sizes and shapes, but the installation process of the microwave oven should be easy and proper to get the best result.

Over The Range Microwave oven

TOP 5 Convection Microwave ovens

The convection microwave ovens are available in different sizes and capabilities. These are perfect to fit in a modern kitchen interior. The compact presentation of these sets can help you to get the best result in cooking various dishes.

Convection Microwave oven